CVE Reference Map for Source SUNBUG

Description Sun bug ID

This reference map lists the various references for SUNBUG and provides the associated CVE entries or candidates. It uses data from CVE version 20061101 and candidates that were active as of 2024-04-30.

Note that the list of references may not be complete.

SUNBUG:1019265 CVE-1999-1122
SUNBUG:1077164 CVE-1999-1297
SUNBUG:1121935 CVE-1999-1318
SUNBUG:1249320 CVE-1999-0223
SUNBUG:4024179 CVE-1999-1432
SUNBUG:4115685 CVE-1999-1025
SUNBUG:4161925 CVE-2001-0124
SUNBUG:4178998 CVE-1999-1027
SUNBUG:4199722 CVE-2001-0594
SUNBUG:4205437 CVE-1999-1080
SUNBUG:4230754 CVE-1999-0696
SUNBUG:4276509 CVE-1999-1014
SUNBUG:4296166 CVE-1999-0859
SUNBUG:4305859 CVE-1999-0213
SUNBUG:4314312 CVE-2000-0316
SUNBUG:4316521 CVE-2000-0164
SUNBUG:4334568 CVE-2000-0317
SUNBUG:4335411 CVE-2000-0337
SUNBUG:4339366 CVE-2000-0471
SUNBUG:4356377 CVE-2001-0422
SUNBUG:4384816 CVE-2001-0269
SUNBUG:4392144 CVE-2001-0095
SUNBUG:4406722 CVE-2001-0190
SUNBUG:4409148 CVE-2001-0165
SUNBUG:4415570 CVE-2001-0595
SUNBUG:4425845 CVE-2001-0422
SUNBUG:4440161 CVE-2001-0422
SUNBUG:4452732 CVE-2001-0565
SUNBUG:4456994 CVE-2001-0779
SUNBUG:4458476 CVE-2001-0526
SUNBUG:4465086 CVE-2001-0686
SUNBUG:4469366 CVE-2001-0699
SUNBUG:4469370 CVE-2001-0701
SUNBUG:4483090 CVE-2001-0652
SUNBUG:4516885 CVE-2001-0797
SUNBUG:4633888 CVE-2001-1066
Page Last Updated or Reviewed: April 30, 2024