CVE Reference Map for Source SUN

Source SUN
Description Sun security bulletin

This reference map lists the various references for SUN and provides the associated CVE entries or candidates. It uses data from CVE version 20061101 and candidates that were active as of 2024-04-30.

Note that the list of references may not be complete.

SUN:00102 CVE-1999-1258
SUN:00105 CVE-1999-1438
SUN:00107 CVE-1999-1123
SUN:00116 CVE-1999-1142
SUN:00117 CVE-1999-1021
SUN:00122 CVE-1999-0096 CVE-1999-1137
SUN:00124 CVE-1999-1584 CVE-1999-1585
SUN:00126 CVE-1999-0120
SUN:00134 CVE-1999-0141
SUN:00135 CVE-1999-0019
SUN:00136 CVE-1999-0116
SUN:00137a CVE-1999-0101
SUN:00138 CVE-1999-0315
SUN:00139 CVE-1999-1158
SUN:00140 CVE-1999-0109
SUN:00142 CVE-1999-0189
SUN:00143 CVE-1999-1192
SUN:00144 CVE-1999-1191
SUN:00145 CVE-1999-1424 CVE-1999-1425 CVE-1999-1426 CVE-1999-1427 CVE-1999-1428
SUN:00146 CVE-1999-1423
SUN:00147 CVE-1999-0048
SUN:00148 CVE-1999-1419
SUN:00149 CVE-1999-0301
SUN:00155 CVE-1999-0300
SUN:00156 CVE-1999-0185
SUN:00157 CVE-1999-0295
SUN:00159 CVE-1999-1592
SUN:00160 CVE-1999-0033
SUN:00162 CVE-1999-0296
SUN:00164 CVE-1999-0121
SUN:00165 CVE-1999-1118
SUN:00166 CVE-1999-0320
SUN:00167 CVE-1999-0190
SUN:00168 CVE-1999-0212
SUN:00169 CVE-1999-0069
SUN:00170 CVE-1999-0008
SUN:00171 CVE-1999-0054
SUN:00172 CVE-1999-0055
SUN:00173 CVE-1999-0263
SUN:00174 CVE-1999-0056
SUN:00175 CVE-1999-0004
SUN:00176 CVE-1999-0302
SUN:00177 CVE-1999-0005
SUN:00178 CVE-1999-0186
SUN:00179 CVE-1999-0022
SUN:00180 CVE-1999-0009 CVE-1999-0011
SUN:00181 CVE-1999-0065
SUN:00182 CVE-1999-0188
SUN:00183 CVE-1999-0369
SUN:00184 CVE-1999-0370
SUN:00185 CVE-1999-0014
SUN:00186 CVE-1999-0493
SUN:00188 CVE-1999-0696
SUN:00189 CVE-1999-0767
SUN:00190 CVE-1999-0974
SUN:00191 CVE-1999-0977
SUN:00192 CVE-1999-0687 CVE-1999-0689 CVE-1999-0691 CVE-1999-0693
SUN:00193 CVE-2000-0138
SUN:00194 CVE-1999-0837 CVE-1999-0848 CVE-1999-0849 CVE-1999-0851
SUN:00196 CVE-2000-0696 CVE-2000-0697
SUN:00197 CVE-2000-0812
SUN:00198 CVE-2000-0889
SUN:00199 CVE-2000-1099
SUN:00200 CVE-2001-0115
SUN:00203 CVE-2001-1328
SUN:00206 CVE-2001-0353
SUN:00207 CVE-2001-0236
SUN:00208 CVE-2001-1480
SUN:00209 CVE-2001-0779
SUN:00210 CVE-2000-0471
SUN:00212 CVE-2001-0717
SUN:00213 CVE-2001-0797
SUN:00214 CVE-2001-0803
SUN:00216 CVE-2002-0058
SUN:00217 CVE-2002-2005
SUN:00218 CVE-2002-0076
SUN:00219 CVE-2002-0796 CVE-2002-0797
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