CVE Reference Map for Source NAI

Source NAI
Description NAI Labs security advisory
Notes NAI was acquired by McAfee.

This reference map lists the various references for NAI and provides the associated CVE entries or candidates. It uses data from CVE version 20061101 and candidates that were active as of 2024-03-26.

Note that the list of references may not be complete.

NAI:19970205 Vulnerabilities in Ypbind when run with -ypset/-ypsetme CVE-1999-0298
NAI:19970721 INN news server vulnerabilities CVE-1999-0247
NAI:19980214 Windows NT Logon Denial of Service CVE-1999-0225
NAI:19991216 Windows NT LSA Remote Denial of Service CVE-1999-0995
NAI:20000207 SNMPD default writable community string CVE-2000-0147
NAI:20000215 ARCserve symlink vulnerability CVE-2000-0154 CVE-2000-0224
NAI:20000215 Remote Vulnerability in the MMDF SMTP Daemon CVE-2000-0158
NAI:20000503 Trend Micro InterScan VirusWall Remote Overflow CVE-2000-0428
NAI:20000529 Initialized Data Overflow in Xlock CVE-2000-0455
NAI:20000717 [COVERT-2000-07] LISTSERV Web Archive Remote Overflow CVE-2000-0632
NAI:20000719 O'Reilly WebSite Professional Overflow CVE-2000-0622
NAI:20000727 Windows NetBIOS Name Conflicts CVE-2000-0673
NAI:20000829 Windows NetBIOS Unsolicited Cache Corruption CVE-2000-1079
NAI:20001101 Multiple Network Monitor Overflows CVE-2000-0885
NAI:20010129 Vulnerabilities in BIND 4 and 8 CVE-2001-0010 CVE-2001-0011 CVE-2001-0012 CVE-2001-0013
NAI:20010409 Globbing Vulnerabilities in Multiple FTP Daemons CVE-2001-0247 CVE-2001-0248 CVE-2001-0249
NAI:20010627 Oracle 8i SQLNet Header Vulnerability CVE-2001-0498
NAI:20010627 Vulnerability in Oracle 8i TNS Listener CVE-2001-0499
NAI:February 16, 1999 CVE-1999-0375
NAI:Linux Blind TCP Spoofing CVE-1999-0414
NAI:NAI-1 CVE-1999-0101
NAI:NAI-11 CVE-1999-0024
NAI:NAI-12 CVE-1999-0058
NAI:NAI-15 CVE-1999-0189
NAI:NAI-16 CVE-1999-0059
NAI:NAI-19 CVE-1999-0057
NAI:NAI-2 CVE-1999-0071
NAI:NAI-20 CVE-1999-0061
NAI:NAI-21 CVE-1999-0042
NAI:NAI-23 CVE-1999-0244
NAI:NAI-24 CVE-1999-0013
NAI:NAI-26 CVE-1999-0060
NAI:NAI-27 CVE-1999-0795
NAI:NAI-28 CVE-1999-0062
NAI:NAI-29 CVE-1999-0003
NAI:NAI-3 CVE-1999-0297
NAI:NAI-5 CVE-1999-0274
NAI:NAI-9 CVE-1999-0299
NAI:Windows IP Source Routing Vulnerability CVE-1999-0909
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