CVE Reference Map for Source L0PHT

Source L0PHT
Description L0pht Security Advisory

This reference map lists the various references for L0PHT and provides the associated CVE entries or candidates. It uses data from CVE version 20061101 and candidates that were active as of 2024-04-30.

Note that the list of references may not be complete.

L0PHT:19970127 Solaris libc - getopt(3) CVE-1999-0966
L0PHT:19970319 CVE-1999-0253
L0PHT:19971101 Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 Suite CVE-1999-0967
L0PHT:19990811 CVE-1999-0875
L0PHT:19991004 CVE-1999-1540 CVE-1999-1541
L0PHT:19991227 initscripts-4.48-1 RedHat Linux 6.1 CVE-2000-0031
L0PHT:20000104 PamSlam CVE-2000-0052
L0PHT:20000108 Quadruple Inverted Backflip CVE-2000-1220 CVE-2000-1221
L0PHT:20000410 CRYPTOCard PalmToken PIN Extraction CVE-2000-0275
L0PHT:20000504 eToken Private Information Extraction and Physical Attack CVE-2000-0427
L0PHT:20000508 NetStructure 7110 console backdoor CVE-2000-0384
L0PHT:20000508 NetStructure 7180 remote backdoor vulnerability CVE-2000-0384
L0PHT:20000515 AntiSniff version 1.01 and Researchers version 1 DNS overflow CVE-2000-0405
L0PHT:20000718 NetZero Password Encryption Algorithm CVE-2000-0625
L0PHT:Cold Fusion App Server CVE-1999-0477
L0PHT:Feb18,1999 CVE-1999-0376
L0PHT:Feb8,1999 CVE-1999-0350
L0PHT:Jan. 5, 1999 CVE-1999-0391
L0PHT:Jan21,1999 CVE-1999-0397
L0PHT:Jan3,1999 CVE-1999-0388
L0PHT:May7,1999 CVE-1999-0736
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