CVE Reference Map for Source BINDVIEW

Description BindView security advisory
Notes These advisories were formerly stored at

This reference map lists the various references for BINDVIEW and provides the associated CVE entries or candidates. It uses data from CVE version 20061101 and candidates that were active as of 2024-03-26.

Note that the list of references may not be complete.

BINDVIEW:19991124 Cabletron SmartSwitch Router 8000 Firmware v2.x CVE-1999-1548
BINDVIEW:19991216 Windows NT's SYSKEY feature CVE-1999-0994
BINDVIEW:20000113 Local Promotion Vulnerability in Windows NT 4 CVE-2000-0070
BINDVIEW:20000519 jolt2 - Remote DoS against NT, W2K, 9x CVE-2000-0305
BINDVIEW:20001130 The NAPTHA DoS vulnerabilities CVE-2000-1039
BINDVIEW:20010207 Local promotion vulnerability in NT4's NTLM Security Support Provider CVE-2001-0016
BINDVIEW:20010208 Remote vulnerability in SSH daemon crc32 compensation attack detector CVE-2001-0144
BINDVIEW:20010327 Remote buffer overflow in DCOM VB T-SQL debugger CVE-2001-0153
BINDVIEW:20010528 Unsafe Signal Handling in Sendmail CVE-2001-1349
BINDVIEW:20010608 Range checking fault condition in Microsoft Windows 2000 Telnet server CVE-2001-0348
BINDVIEW:20011001 Multiple Local Sendmail Vulnerabilities CVE-2001-0713 CVE-2001-0714 CVE-2001-0715
BINDVIEW:20020402 Windows 2000 DCOM clients may leak sensitive information onto the network CVE-2002-2077
BINDVIEW:20020408 Unauthorized remote control access to systems running Funk Software's Proxy v3.x CVE-2002-0064 CVE-2002-0065 CVE-2002-0066
BINDVIEW:20021018 Denial of Service in IPSEC implementations CVE-2002-0666
BINDVIEW:Falcon Web Server CVE-1999-0881 CVE-1999-0882
BINDVIEW:Phantom Technical Advisory CVE-1999-0721
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