Download CVE List

The CVE List is available for download in the formats below, per the terms of use. To save compressed files, you may need to right-click and choose a “Save Link As” or “Save Target As” option.

Download Formats

CVE downloads data last generated: 2024-06-25

Format Unix compressed (.Z) Gzipped (.gz) Raw Other
Comma Separated allitems.csv.Z allitems.csv.gz allitems.csv NOTE: suitable for import into spreadsheet programs
HTML allitems.html.Z allitems.html.gz allitems.html
Text allitems.txt.Z allitems.txt.gz allitems.txt
XML allitems.xml.Z allitems.xml.gz allitems.xml cve_1.0.xsd
CVRF All Entries By Year
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All entries - Raw (cvrf.xml)

CVE-2019-xxxxxx entries
CVE-2018-xxxxxx entries
CVE-2017-xxxxxx entries
CVE-2016-xxxxxx entries
CVE-2015-xxxxxx entries
CVE-2014-xxxx entries
CVE-2013-xxxx entries
CVE-2012-xxxx entries
CVE-2011-xxxx entries
CVE-2010-xxxx entries
CVE-2009-xxxx entries
CVE-2008-xxxx entries
CVE-2007-xxxx entries
CVE-2006-xxxx entries
CVE-2005-xxxx entries
CVE-2004-xxxx entries
CVE-2003-xxxx entries
CVE-2002-xxxx entries
CVE-2001-xxxx entries
CVE-2000-xxxx entries
CVE-1999-xxxx entries


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