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ACTION: CNA Summit 2019 (Face-to-Face) - DOODLE POLL due by 1/18/19

Hello Board and CNAs,


Happy New year!


Just following up about the Face-to-Face CNA Summit. So far, we have two CNA summits planned in 2019, a virtual summit in February 2019 and a face-to-face in April – June 2019 timeframe.  The summits will allow the CNAs time to discuss the many pressing issues that they are encountering as the program continues to grow and evolve.


Please click the link below and select the dates you will be available.


PROPOSED DATES (Face-to-Face CNA Summit):  

  • April 1st – 5th
  • May 15th – 17th
  • May 22nd – 24th
  • June 12th – 14st
  • June 19th – 21st


DOODLE POLL due Friday 1/18/19 à https://doodle.com/poll/pzqgasxr2g4m8iip


Listed below are the details for the Face-to-Face meeting.


LOCATION: Mclean, Virginia (EST)

DURATION: 2 days

PROPOSED DATES:  April 1st – 5th; May 15th – 17th; May 22nd – 24th; June 12th – 14st; June 19th – 21st


We have a few topics on the agenda, however, if you have topics you would like discussed, please send your ideas to cna-coordinator@mitre.org. Once we have the dates nailed down, we will send an email with more meeting details and call for papers from the CNAs.


AGENDA ITEMS (thus far):

  1. CNA Rules
  2. Data exchange formats
  3. Required data – Minimum requirements  for CVE entries


**We are wrapping up the February 2019 (Virtual CNA Summit) Doodle Poll and will let you know soon the exact dates (2 days) of the meeting and the discussion topics.**


If you have any questions, or need more information, please contact us at cna-coordinator@mitre.org


CVE Numbering Authority (CNA) Coordinator

Email: cna-coordinator@mitre.org



The CVE Team



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