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Re: New CNA - CyberSecurity Philippines - CERT

Congrats, I'm curious: "CNA Type: National and Industry CERTs" does this make them a root CNA right now, or is that something they are looking to grow into, or not something they're planning to do?

On Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 8:40 AM Evans, Jonathan L. <jevans@mitre.org> wrote:



MITRE is happy to announce CyberSecurity Philippines - CERT as a new CNA.


Company Name: CyberSecurity Philippines - CERT

Scope:  Vulnerability assignment related to its vulnerability coordination role that aren't covered by another CNA

Disclosure Policy location: https://www.cspcert.ph/policy.html

Vulnerability advisory locations: https://www.cspcert.ph/advisories.html

Public point of contact: vulnerability@cspcert.ph

CNA Type: National and Industry CERTs





Jonathan Evans

CNA Coordinator

CVE Team


Kurt Seifried

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