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Lisa Olson (Microsoft) Voted in as CVE Board Member

Board Members,


A majority of the CVE Board Members voted in favor of the inclusion of Lisa Olson (Microsoft) to the CVE Board. Because a majority has already been achieved, the voting process has officially ended before the 8/22 deadline.


Based on the vote, we would like to welcome Lisa to the Board. She will be added to the list of Board members on the CVE web site and included in all Board list communications from this point forward. Last, thanks to all those who voted. Please let us know if there are any questions.


About Lisa:

Lisa joined Microsoft for the second time in 2013 as a Security Program Manager. Her recent focus has been in Security Release for the MSRC.  In the past she has been immersed in Project Management for Network Management concerns, Relational Database Management technology and development of applications for Technical Support.


Voting Results:

Note: There are 22 total Board Members, with 18 Total votes possible due to 1 vote per organization. 10 votes makes a simple majority.

  • 10 voted yes
  • 0 voted no
  • 8 non-votes at time of decision




Chris Coffin

The CVE Team

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