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Agenda for CVE Board Meeting 13 June 2018


Introductions, action items from the last meeting – Chris Coffin

  • Previous Action Item: Check with Chris Johnson on the status of the AWG charter. (Chris Coffin will send a message to Chris Johnson)
    • Status: Message sent; awaiting reply.
  • Previous Action Item: Send out note to the Board on the CVE Quality WG (MITRE).
    • Status: TBD
  • Previous Action Item: Kurt Seifried to send follow-up email on Cloud Services discussion.
    • Status: To be discussed.
  • Previous Action Item: Email to be sent to the CNA list regarding the establishment of the CNA Collaboration Working Group. (MITRE).
    • Status: TBD.
  • Previous Action Item: Work on CNA training to include white lists/black lists for descriptions and investigate potential automation (MITRE).
    • Status: In process.
  • Previous Action Item: Need to update the announce mailing lists so they have more information. Update the way we submit them—adding more info along with links, incorporation of news articles, not sending as frequently (MITRE).
    • Status: Done.
  • Update the Board charter based on recommendation from Pascal Meunier (MITRE)
    • TBD 


Working Group Updates 

·         Strategic Planning – Kent Landfield

·         Automation – Chris Johnson, Dave Waltermire


CNA Updates

·         DWF – Kurt Seifried

·         MITRE – Jonathan Evans, Nick Caron


Amazon Alexa Decision Summary – Chris Coffin

·         Email sent to Board list


Open Discussion

Action items, wrap-up – Chris Coffin


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