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Re: Multipel CNAs for software and coordination for issues under embargo

probably because he emailed me a CSV file and I replied...

On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 8:28 PM, jericho <jericho@attrition.org> wrote:
Lot of ideas on this, but perhaps today's interesting assignments around
Jenkins may help the discussion? How exactly did one Jenkins disclosure
get three CVEs from two CNAs? I assume there had to be coordination in
advance of this?

CVE-2018-1000067          Jenkins LTS   SECURITY-506
CVE-2018-1000068          Jenkins LTS   SECURITY-717
CVE-2018-6356             Jenkins LTS   SECURITY-705

The Jenkins advisory, as of this email, only includes 2018-6356 and two
instances of "CVE pending".


On Thu, 15 Feb 2018, Pascal Meunier wrote:

: Another approach might be pre-agreements or other criteria between CNAs that, in this
: type of situation, resolve the overlapping scopes ahead of time.  For example, CNAs
: could agree to monitor non-overlapping lists, or stake a unique claim to the
: responsibility for monitoring a certain source or type of source.
: Pascal
: On Thu, 2018-02-15 at 16:36 -0700, Kurt Seifried wrote:
: > So we now have a failure case, an embargoed set of issues were posted to
: > the distros list, I was not explicitly asked to assign CVE's, but did, and
: > it turns out CERT also assigned CVEs. CERT published first, so I reject'ed
: > mine (https://github.com/CVEProject/cvelist/pull/314).
: >
: > This brings up the issue of what do we do when a reporter has an issue(s)
: > and doesn't explicitly ask a CNA for CVEs, but more than one CNA see it,
: > and want to assign a CVE to it because the issues would significantly
: > benefit from CVEs? Most scopes do not overlap, with one glaring exception,
: > "Open Source".
: >
: > So thoughts/comments? Should we only assign a CVE if asked, and then if not
: > asked default to some sort of notification protocol? Should we simply go
: > with the "first to publish" rule like for public issues? Other options?
: >
: >


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