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Re: Problematic assignments for subpar reports via CVE request form

On Mon, 23 Oct 2017, Kurt Seifried wrote:

: ask for even more detail/proof. I would only go to the ban phase if 
: are flooding in requests that are still of poor quality despite being 
: told they need to do better quality requests, I would suggest we 
: this, it's somewhat subjective, but relatively simple:

He is flooding in requests that are still of poor quality.

He has been told his reports are difficult to process. He was asked to 
include his crashing PoCs, he still does not. He deleted the public 
in which I asked him to do so. He shut down the issue tracker on the 
GitHub repo so we cannot raise issues with his reports.

To me, that meets the bar for a temporary ban until he better 
that his reports are lacking serious detail and contain numerous 


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