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Re: An example of hardware/software vulns - GPUs

On 2017-07-10 00:04, Kurt Seifried wrote:
> https://www.aimlab.org/haochen/papers/npc16-overflow.pdf
> I really think CVE needs to consider more/better hardware coverage.

I only skimmed the first few pages, but got the impression that paper 
says "GPU architecture is different that modern CPUs, especially around 
memory layout/protection" and it isn't immediately clear to me where 
responsibility for any vulnerability lies.  Is it simply not possible 
to write memory-corruption-proof code for GPUs?

Regardless, I have no problem with issuing CVE IDs for hardware 
vulnerabilities.  I'm just claiming that they are rare, and usually 
involve low-level software.

 - Art

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