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Re: Current standards/criteria for 'Undefined Behavior'

Can you let us know why you don’t participate in the calls? Is it a 
time issue? If so we can work to try to find a better time that 
accommodates more Board members.  I agree and have stated in the past 
that real decisions need to be made on the Board list(s).  The Board 
calls however, do give us a higher bandwidth opportunity to go more 
in-depth on specific issues.  We need all to be there if possible and 
have had reasonable attendance lately.  

Can you enlighten us as to why you do not attend?

Kent Landfield

On 5/11/17, 11:52 PM, "owner-cve-editorial-board-list@lists.mitre.org 
on behalf of jericho" <owner-cve-editorial-board-list@lists.mitre.org 
on behalf of jericho@attrition.org> wrote:

    On Thu, 11 May 2017, Coffin, Chris wrote:
    : Sorry? I don?t think we were aware of the conflict. My thinking 
is that 
    : we push to the following Wednesday as I would imagine that this 
    : fits most folks schedules. Unless there are any objections, we?ll 
    : the meeting early next week.
    I'd also like to remind MITRE that the calls do not include all of 
    board for a variety of reasons. I haven't looked at the notes 
lately to 
    see if there is even a majority.
    But two of the people who brought this up / showed concern and gave 
    for MITRE to reconsider, are typically not on those calls.
    As such, I think this is a great time to have a discussion on the 
    where we can all participate and have it documented fully.

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