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Re: CVE Announce - May 11, 2017 (opt-in newsletter from the CVE website)

On Thu, 11 May 2017, CVE wrote:

: Welcome to the latest issue of the CVE-Announce e-newsletter. This 
email newsletter is
: designed to bring recent news about CVE, such as new website 
features, new CNAs, CVE in


: -------------------------------------------------------
: CVE-Announce e-newsletter/May 11, 2017
: -------------------------------------------------------
: Contents:
: 1. IMPORTANT: CVE Will Reject a Group of Unused CVE IDs on May 11

We received warning a day before you planned to do it. It was pushed an 
additional day due to NIST's concerns.

But I don't feel it is appropriate giving the rest of the industry a 
same-day notification of this. The fact that NIST said "whoa... hang 
along with some common sense says that this kind of huge influx of CVEs 
could potentially break integrations as much as a change in the ID 

In the future, such big events should come with a lot more public 


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