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Re: Notice of Pilot Activity in CVE Auto WG

On 5/9/17 3:02 PM, Kurt Seifried wrote:

> So I assumed we'd have a publishing model where CNA's just publish to
> their parent until it hits MITRE.

I'd suggest a model where every CNA publishes, in at least the CVE MVP
format (but more is OK, such as DWF requirements).  I guess this is pull
not push?  Parent CNAs would be required to pull/aggregate from their

This way, anybody can pull from any CNA, MITRE or NVD can pull from
all/lots of CNAs.  This allows a lot more flexibility in aggregation,
possibly at the cost of more effort for a central aggregator (MITRE).

I think Atom/PubSub is more than this, but I haven't read up on it.

 - Art

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