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CVE/CNA coverage

So somebody asked for a CVE for Glassfish open server


Project sponsored by Oracle. Traditionally I've taken the "sponsored by" to mean quasi who "owns" it (e.g. a lot of Red Hat sponsored stuff that we do CVEs for because we're heavily involved). By that logic this would make this open source project fall into Oracle's space, so I guess my question is:

Does Oracle want this project to fall within their CNA/coverage, or do they consider "sponsored by" to be more arms length perhaps?

If Oracle doesn't want to be the CNA for it, then the DWF would be the next in line (being Open Source), If Oracle does want to be the CNA I'll redirect the request to them. 

And in general should we apply this logic? I think one thing that would help here is having the CNAs declare explicitly what they cover where possible so reporters don't have to guess/hunt. 


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