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Topics for the Board session at the CVE-CNA Summit



I have an AR to discuss what it is we wish to present to the CNA community at the Summit coming up on November 8-9th.  The Board has an hour slotted for us to present.  I’d like to ask what people are thinking we need to discuss/communicate to the CNAs.  There are a couple of thoughts.


1)       Where CVE and its management have been.

2)       Strategy / model going forward at a 20,000 ft. level

3)       Discussion as to what the CNA community feels are problems

4)       ???


Other ideas?


We could do this as a panel with an initial 10 minute overview of the issues, each panelist presents their focus, then a 10 minute overview on the directions and then each panelist presents their opinions on the direction…


Thoughts?  Structure, topics, speakers/participants?



Kent Landfield


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