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Re: Invitation to CVE CNA Summit, November 8th-9th



This presentation would be great to include in the Summit. Please do share it.






From: "Toomey, Harold A" <harold.a.toomey@intel.com>
Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 19:04
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Subject: RE: Invitation to CVE CNA Summit, November 8th-9th




Thank you for organizing the CNA Summit.

I look forward to attending.

One of my co-workers, Stephen Jordan (McAfee), will be attending as well.

My Intel counterparts are still looking into attending.


Also, I would like to present on how we create CVEs using a spreadsheet and formulas.

It would only take about 15 -20 minutes.

I think such a simple and readily available tool like this could be useful to the CNEs, especially those who are new.

Please approve.



Harold Toomey
Sr. Product Security Architect & PSIRT Manager

Product Security Group, ISecG


Mobile: 801.830.9987



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Subject: Invitation to CVE CNA Summit, November 8th-9th




The MITRE CVE invites you to join us for a CNA Summit November 8-9, 2016, at the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) facility in Rockville, MD.


The CNA Summit will bring CNAs (CVE Numbering Authorities) and MITRE together to:

            - discuss the CVE and CNA programs;

            - share experiences and challenges related to CNA operations;

            - train CNAs on CVE assignment; and

            - network within the CNA community.


This Summit is open to CNAs and CVE Board members only.


While there is no charge to attend the Summit, pre-registration is required. You may register by emailing us at cve@mitre.org no later than 31 October. Please include your name, organization, and contact information.


We invite all participants to consider presenting at the Summit. Topics could include your CVE assignment process, your vulnerability management process, or specific questions that you want to answer with the community. If you are interested in presenting, please let us know by emailing us at cve@mitre.org no later than 31 October.


The NCCoE facility is located at 100 Bureau Dr., Gaithersburg, MD, 20899.




Attached is a listing of local hotels and food options. We recommend flying through BWI airport if you will be flying to the Summit. National and Dulles airports are also nearby airports, but they are both less conveniently located to the facility.


Please contact cve@mitre.org if you have any questions.


We look forward to seeing you in Maryland in November.




Daniel Adinolfi, CISSP

Lead Cybersecurity Engineer, The MITRE Corporation

CVE Communications and CNA Coordinator

Email: <dadinolfi@mitre.org>  Phone: 781-271-5774





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