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RE: Method to Request CVE IDs from MITRE Changing Soon

On Wed, 24 Aug 2016, Manley, Meghan E. wrote:

: Kent,
: Thank you and I agree with your conclusions and your suggested way 
: ahead.  Our communications plan clearly failed here, particularly in 
: regards to the Board.  We will begin to work to what you?ve laid out 
: 1-3 going forward, for any major programmatic/operational changes.
: If you don?t object, I?d like to discuss the plan you laid out below, 
: addition to the form, in the meeting tomorrow, so the other members 
: the Board can be made aware.


Thank you, and we fully agree.  A message communicating the upcoming 
change was sent to the CNA POCs yesterday shortly after 6:00 ET.  We 
it directly to the CNA POCs, rather than
the cve-CNA-list, to avoid confusion, since the cve-CNA-list includes 
candidate organizations that are not yet fully integrated into the 
program.  The candidate CNAs will learn about
the form as we onboard them.


I mean really... I want to post something pithy, but those two posts 
together, do I need to?


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