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Re: Upcoming changes for CVE

On Thu, 24 Sep 2015, Boyle, Stephen V. wrote:

: Board members and other readers of this list,

: CVE Editorial Board
: -----------------------
: The CVE Editorial Board was created to define and shape CVE, even before CVE first went public. The Board's operating model and framework have evolved significantly in the years since as the community and requirements have evolved. Today, the community is more dynamic than it was even just a few years ago, and the Board model is in need of a refresh. To that end, Julie Connolly, a new member of the MITRE CVE Team, is taking on the role of liaison from MITRE to the Board.
: Julie will be putting out an email that will outline what we believe are the objectives for a Board refresh, including responsibilities, membership, and a number of other aspects that have been discussed. Julie will provide more details in her email, and we hope the Board will be very engaged as we seek your suggestions, feedback and comments to help us refresh, shape and formalize a number of aspects of the Editorial Board and its operation.

Over two months later, no contact or email from 'Julie' regarding any of 

What is the status of this effort? And please, no "swim lane" analogies 
that baffle many of the board members. We're still waiting on a reply from 
Tiffany and MITRE on what that means in the context of CNA bodies.

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