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Re: Regarding CVE assignments on oss-sec mailing list

On Sun, 29 Nov 2015 15:11:20 +0000
"Williams, Ken" <Ken.Williams@ca.com> wrote:

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> [...]
> > If CVE fails to provide IDs on a few issues, after three months, I
> > will personally lobby my company to publish advisories without an
> > assignment, and make it very clear that it was done because CVE
> > chose not to assign. It isn't fair that CVE holds up the
> > coordinated disclosure process in cases where the requesting party
> > and vendor are not CNAs themselves. Given that I suggested CVE
> > expand the CNA body a while back, and that appears to have fell on
> > deaf ears, there is no excuse for MITRE at this point.
> [...]
> A disclosure process should never be held up by a pending CVE
> assignment. Just go ahead and disclose and put "pending CVE
> assignment" on the CVE line.
> --
> kw

Adding a CVE ID 3 months after the publication of an advisory should
only help historians.  In my mind that defeats a main purpose of the
CVE, which is to know if Alice, Bob and Charlie are talking about the
same issue or not.


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