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Re: Please welcome Kurt Seifried to the CVE Editorial Board

On Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 7:20 AM, Boyle, Stephen V. <sboyle@mitre.org> wrote:

My apologies for the error in the subject line of the original welcome message about Kurt. 


This is a resend with a corrected subject line for posterity and searchability.


We are pleased to announce that Kurt Seifried of Red Hat has joined the CVE Editorial Board.

Glad to be aboard, just a minor FYI I'll be away Nov 7-16 on vacation with no access to Red Hat email, but other than that I'm around as usual.

Kurt said that he “look[s] forwards to working with the CVE board and community” and “ I think we have some challenges, and some opportunities to improve the situation for not only CVE, but of information security in general.”

One thing I do know is some of the external issues facing CVE (e.g. people asking for CVE's on oss-sec that then take a while), I was wondering if there are specific internal issues/challenges, e.g. are the requests taking a long time/eating up resources because the requests are poor? I often bounce private CVE requests back with "I need more info, specifically X/Y/Z", and have been very firm with fuzzing reports (I need minimized test cases and root cause analysis, not a pile of 100 text files that crash a command line app, and as it turns out that's all the do). 

Also is this the appropriate forum to discuss such things? Thanks.


Please join us in welcoming Kurt Seifried to the CVE Editorial Board.


Best Regards,




Kurt Seifried -- Red Hat -- Product Security -- Cloud
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Red Hat Product Security contact: secalert@redhat.com

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