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Re: Please welcome Kurt CVE to the CVE Editorial Board

Welcome, Kurt.

And, Steven, is that pun in the title intentional? CVE in place of his last name, which sounds a lot like CeiVriEd? ;-)


On Nov 2, 2015, at 7:30 PM, Boyle, Stephen V. <sboyle@mitre.org> wrote:

We are pleased to announce that Kurt Seifried of Red Hat has joined the CVE Editorial Board.
Kurt has spent over a decade advocating for, using, and contributing to CVE (Starting at iDefense, then iSIGHT partners and now at Red Hat). Kurt has not only made contributions to CVE, but has also contributed editorially such as spotting duplicates in years past. (Something which Kurt notes “...has largely gone away…  glad to say.”) 
Kurt typically spends time on CVE related tasks, e.g. assigning CVEs and training other members of the Red Hat Product Security (PS) team to assign CVE IDs, and has assigned 4,760 CVEs to date while at Red Hat.
Kurt said that he “look[s] forwards to working with the CVE board and community” and “ I think we have some challenges, and some opportunities to improve the situation for not only CVE, but of information security in general.”
Please join us in welcoming Kurt Seifried to the CVE Editorial Board.
Best Regards,


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