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CVE Futures Event

Hi All,

This has been a relatively quiet list lately. ; -)

Since our F2F at RSA I was hoping to see what the status was on a couple of the items discussed there. 

Steve Christie discussed governance documents that were expected “soon”. (just poking. ;-))

What I’m really interested in is the proposed event MITRE discussed holding sometime this summer. I think we targeted July but that was to be determined. The purpose of the proposed event was to discuss various topics important to the future CVE.  The following are from my F2F notes about the event.


1.     Implementing a CVE Federated structure / architecture 

2.     Influence, directions / process needed for integrating new technological advances within CVE

a.     IOS / App Store, Android, etc.

b.     Medical Devices

c.     Smart Cities initiatives

d.  General / consumer IoT devices

3.     Content decisions needed – documentation

4.   Planning implementation of decided actions / road-mapping.

So my questions are:
  • Are we planning on having the event ? If so when / where / how many days?
  • Should we start developing an agenda so we are focused in our efforts?

The intent of the workshop was to roll up your sleeves and address the hard problems facing CVE’s future today. 

Still planned?

Just want to make sure I have no conflicts and can reserve the appropriate dates for this and this alone…


Kent Landfield

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