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Re: Automated testing and CVE IDs; Board meeting at RSA 2015

On 2014-11-06 08:12, Boyle, Stephen V. wrote:

> CVE Editorial Board Meeting at RSA 2015 (USA)
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> MITRE is planning to raise several items for discussion among the Board
> over the next few months. Some topics include:
>   - Rules, guidance, and conditions for addition or removal of CNAs
>   - Rules, guidance, and conditions for addition or removal of Editorial 
>      Board members
>   - A review of the current "Sources and Products" list
>   - The strategic plan and direction for CVE
> Please let us know which of the above topics are your highest priority
> or priorities so we can focus our efforts.

My order is strategy, sources and products, CNAs, board members.

> Please also let us know if you plan to attend RSA 2015 in San Francisco so
> we can begin planning for meeting space and support. We will, of course,
> have a phone bridge so people can dial in to the meeting. Our current
> plan is to have a formal Board meeting, restricted to Board members only,
> and an informal informational BoF or similar that will be open to the public.

I'll be there earlier in the week, most likely available Tuesday or

There's a small chance we can help with logistics, our parent
organization has a booth (small) at RSA which might get us affordable
access to meeting space.


 - Art

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