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David Waltermire has joined the CVE Editorial Board


We are pleased to announce that David Waltermire of NIST has joined the 
CVE Editorial Board.  He replaces Peter Mell, whose departure from the 
Board will be announced separately.

David Waltermire is the specification architect for the Security 
Automation Program at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 
He has been a significant contributor to the National Vulnerability 
Database, Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP), Continuous 
Monitoring and other security automation projects. Prior to joining NIST, 
he worked as a security consultant where he focused on the advancement of 
security automation capabilities within the government sector. He comes 
from an operational background, having managed systems and network 
operations for internet service providers and also working as a software 
engineer pioneering the first standards-based configuration and 
vulnerability assessment tool. His research experience includes computer 
viruses, vulnerability/misconfiguration identification, categorization and 

Welcome aboard, David!

- The MITRE CVE Team

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