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Re: Second Round ID Syntax vote declared valid

On 2013-06-07 13:33 , Boyle, Stephen V. wrote:

>> From: Kent_Landfield@McAfee.com [mailto:Kent_Landfield@McAfee.com]
>> Ok, we have a format....  Congrats; Great.  Now we need to plan how
>> to communicate this to the rest of the world.

> All in the works. Stay tuned for both announcements and calls for
> Board participation in the coming few days.

> To reprise, Option B specifies the following:
> -  Variable length
> - 4-digit Year + four fixed digits for IDs up to 9999
> - IDs 0001 through 0999 padded with leading zeros
> - IDs over 9999 will expand as needed, no leading zeros

There seemed to be an "issuance strategy" discussion about starting the
year off with id 1000, which is a neat hack to deal with leading zeros,
at the cost of making the 5 digit transition a little earlier.  Is this
something still under discussion/decision, or is the leading zero
element locked in with the selection of option B?  No need to respond if
this is coming up in the next set of announcements/calls.

 - Art

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