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Re: CVE ID Syntax Vote - results and next steps


I could see changing my vote to A if the number of digits were extended.  I responded that I believed Harold was on target with his idea to reevaluate Option A.

Harold wrote:

I agree that a revote using the same options would probably result in more or less the same result. But after reviewing the reasoning for voting, those that voted for Option B were mostly concerned with avoiding the need to change again ("future proofing") while those who voted for Option A seemed to be mostly concerned with the variable length nature of Option B. I share both sets of concerns and I would presume that there is a point where a fixed length identifier would be of an acceptable length that those who voted for Option B could be comfortable with and would address their "future proofing" concerns and those who voted for Option A would not believe would be too long. I would also like to suggest that choosing whether to use leading zeroes or not be separate choice.

Using his logic, we could make it 10+ digits and not pad it with leading zeros.  Then it would be capped at a static length but we would only have to use what we need.  It could grow as needed and we would have the future proofing that is a major reason stated by those who voted for Options B.  The end user would see a CVE ID that is reasonable from a readability perspective, software would have a static length that we can grow into. An approach like this could potentially go a long way to getting to a consensus majority.


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This is seriously devolving. Can we possibly drop the temperature a bit and discuss this civilly?


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