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CVE ID Syntax change activities at RSA

Public Interaction at RSA


As you know, we have been working hard to publicize and engage the community on the upcoming CVE ID Syntax change and the options for the new CVE ID Syntax. RSA offers an excellent opportunity for CVE consumers and users to learn more about the upcoming CVE ID syntax change.  As we’ve mentioned previously, we think RSA offers a unique opportunity for the general public to meet with the CVE team and members of the Editorial Board to discuss the ID Syntax change. Our hope is that this will help socialize the ID syntax change and provide Board members with possible additional insight before the final vote.


Harking back to the very first CVE booth in 1999 in New Orleans, we would like to invite any and all of CVE Editorial Board members attending RSA to join us in the MITRE booth (# 2617) to discuss the ID Syntax change and options with the public. To that end, we will host several "Meet the CVE Editorial Board" times at the MITRE booth during the conference.  We invite those of you attending RSA to sign up for one or more of the available time slots, and to wear your organization’s “uniform” while at our booth. Your visible organizational presence will help demonstrate CVE's community-wide participation and will provide clear differentiation between you and MITRE staff at the booth.


We will post the list of Editorial Board members and the time(s) they plan to be at the MITRE booth at the booth. We suggest the following time slots:


Tuesday, February 26th

                11:00 – 1:00

                  2:00 – 4:00


Wednesday, February 27th

                11:00 – 1:00

                  2:00 – 4:00


Thursday, February 28th

                11:00 – 1:00


Please feel free to sign up for one or more of the slots. If the listed times are not suitable, please feel free to suggest alternates. There will be at least one MITRE CVE team member present at the MITRE booth during the above time slots.



CVE Editorial Board Meeting at RSA


We have been planning to host a CVE Editorial Board meeting at RSA, as we have noted in recent communications. Unfortunately, we were not able to secure meeting space at the Moscone Convention Center. However, Tim Keanini of nCircle has offered to host the Editorial Board meeting at the nCircle offices an easy walk from the Moscone Center. (Thanks again, TK!)


To help with the scheduling of the Editorial Board meeting, we have set up a Doodle at http://doodle.com/vqqpi3iwzf867cid. We expect to have a call-in available for the Editorial Board meeting and will provide that number when it is available.


Please note: we believe the Editorial Board meeting takes precedence over other MITRE CVE activities at RSA, so depending on when we decide to hold the Editorial Board meeting we may have to adjust the booth times listed above.


As always, please feel free to comment, suggest, or ask questions regarding any of the above.


Best Regards,

Steve Boyle

Page Last Updated or Reviewed: October 03, 2014