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Re: Dates for Board Telecon

Caution, the times are listed as PST (Los Angeles) time.  For the east coast, add three hours, for the CST add two

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From: <Evans>, "Jonathan L." <jevans@mitre.org>
Date: Thursday, November 29, 2012 1:20 PM
To: cve-editorial-board-list <cve-editorial-board-list@lists.mitre.org>
Subject: Dates for Board Telecon


We would like to hold a teleconference to discuss the developments from the Kyoto FIRST Technical colloquia on Global Vulnerability reporting.  

If possible, we would like to hold the teleconference sometime between December 12th and December 20th, 2012, with an estimated duration of 1 12 - 2 hours to allow for presentation and discussion.

The best time would probably be either 1-3 pm Eastern (10-12 Pacific) or 3-5 pm Eastern (12-2 Pacific).

In order to maximize participation, we would appreciate your input as to the dates and times most convenient for you. We have set up a Doodle event at http://www.doodle.com/gfrn72zsfi2fd6zh.


We will collect Board Members input and set a date and time by COB (EST) December 5th.

Best Regards,
The CVE Team


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