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Kyoto FIRST Meeting On GVR?


In the recent Editorial Board call, we noted that we will be attending the Global Vulnerability Reporting Summit at the FIRST meeting in Kyoto next week.

As much as is possible, we would like to be able to accurately represent the thoughts and concerns of the CVE Editorial Board.

To this end, could you respond to the following 2 open ended questions?

Q1 - What the two biggest realities that need to be understood or recognized when addressing the problem of Global Vulnerability Reporting?   These realities can be misperceptions, challenges, end user needs,  market forces or any other issue that you think needs to be squarely put on the table prior to crafting solutions to the GVR problem.

Q2 - What are the two most important goals that need to be achieved by any reasonable GVR solution?  If you think there should be different goals in the near term and in the long term, please elaborate. 

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