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Re: Sources: Full and Partial Coverage (CNA increase)

On 6/25/12 7:06 AM, Carsten Eiram wrote:

> Finally, since CVE is not competing with any VDBs, they can as far as
> I'm concerned rely quite a bit on VDBs to pick up vulnerabilities
> from random sources instead of doing it themselves. Also, if no VDBs
> or major sources cover a specific vulnerability report, how important
> is it then for it to have a CVE identifier assigned? If a critical
> vulnerability in a popular product, then the VDBs have failed, but
> will likely pick it up eventually (and CVE can then catch it from
> there) - I don't consider it to be the responsibility of the CVE team
> to uncover it.

I have a vague future vision of more qualified and trained CNAs covering
segments of the public vulnerability disclosure market (JPCERT for
Japan, ICS-CERT for control systems, Red Hat for Red Hat, etc), with CVE
being the CNA of last resort, as well as the conflict resolver and CNA
grey-bearded guru.  In product terms, some CNAs could take
responsibility for certain products or classes of product.  In source
terms, CVE could monitor a set of current VDBs, and only put in further
effort if something gets missed or there's a conflict.

 - Art

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