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RE: Sources: Full and Partial Coverage

TK wrote:
>Given that our VERT team has to prioritize what customers want regardless
>of CVE or not, they go through the same type of prioritization process but
>more driven by application classes.  There is a product management function
>that surveys our customer base once per quarter to make sure we have their
>relevancy in mind when we develop content.


You all, collectively, form the CVE Editorial Board.  Your collective consensus needs to drive our editorial direction.

To this end, we (MITRE) need to rely on your representation of the needs, concerns and prioritization of your customers and users.   We (MITRE) certainly have our opinions on prioritization issues and we're adding to discussion.  But, it's absolutely critical that needs and priorities of your customers get adequately represented on this list.  

So... if we're missing information sources that are important to your users or if we're listing sources that don't matter to them, we need to hear that.

Regarding RealNetworks, we agree that other media player providers might also need to be listed.  iTunes and Windows Media player are already both covered by the Apple and Microsoft sources.  Should NullSoft (Winamp) be added?  Others?

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