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Recommendation to join CVE Editorial Board forthcoming


MITRE will be presenting a name for consideration to join the CVE Editorial Board shortly.  Please be the watch for information on the private (non-publically archived) Editorial Board mailing list for the new bio.

By way of reminder, here is the process by which new members are added to the CVE Editorial Board.

1) The community, and MITRE, identify prospects

2) MITRE reviews the suitability of each prospect

3) MITRE invites the prospect to join

4) If the prospect accepts, MITRE posts the prospect's professional
   bio to the PRIVATE Editorial Board list

5) Board members provide feedback on the prospect, either on the
   PRIVATE Editorial Board list or directly to MITRE.

6) After a review period of 2 to 3 weeks, unless there are substantive
   objections, the prospect will be added to the Board


David Mann | Principal Infosec Scientist | The MITRE Corporation
e-mail:damann@mitre.org | cell:781.424.6003

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