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CVE Editorial Board Teleconference - week of June 26-30


We would like to have an Editorial Board teleconference during the
week of June 26 through 30.  Please let me know your availability.

I'd plan on two hours.

Following are the main topics.  Let me know if you think we should
cover any additional topics.

* CVE content activity update

   We have been undergoing significant changes in the past year, and
   we will be making more changes over the next 6 months.  I will
   summarize what we've been doing and why, and the implications for
   CVE completeness as we continue with our changes.

* Role of entries, candidates, and voting

   I haven't proposed any candidates in the past couple years, and
   there have been few public comments or complaints on this.  At the
   time, voting had become very unwieldy for participants anyway, due
   to the large number of issues.  At this stage, does it still make
   sense to distinguish between entries and candidates?

* Ongoing related MITRE work

   We will cover some of our ongoing work, which is related to CVE.
   Common Configuration Enumeration (CCE) is covering the areas of
   security-relevant system configuration, configuration guides, and
   to some degree, policies.  The Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) is
   an effort at classifying vulnerabilities and other
   security-relevant factors, with a current focus on using this to
   assess the capabilities of code scanners.  If there is sufficient
   time and interest, we will provide a brief summary of CIEL, which
   is not dead.

* Future role of the Editorial Board

   The Editorial Board has been quiet in the past couple years,
   primarily due to MITRE's focus on content.  Some members have said
   that they enjoyed the fruitful discussions/debates from the past.
   Voting has not taken place, to minimal outcry.  CVE itself has now
   reached widespread adoption, so the Board's role as an advocate for
   CVE is not necessarily as important as it was in the past.  Other
   MITRE projects such as CME and OVAL have successfully utilized
   multiple groups instead of a single Board.  Given these changes,
   what role should the Board play in the future?

* Discussion of prospective Board members

   MITRE will be revitalizing the Editorial Board by adding new
   members.  For this round, we will follow the old process of private
   nomination by MITRE, along with a period of review and commentary.

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