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CVE update free service

Dear Editors,
	I made a tool for use by ICAT and Cassandra, to determine daily changes to the CVE and in particular which candidates appear in the CVE database prior to the voting clusters being released.  As Andre Frech was interested, I thought that others on the board might find it useful too.  I want the existence of this tool to not be privileged information, as it builds upon the process to which you all contribute.  My tool's output is publicly available (feel free to redistribute this information) at:


For example,

contains every daily change for the month so far, or look at


which contains the change for the day, every day of the week.

You may also subscribe to a one-way mailing list.  Send me an email with the list of people who want to receive daily emails.  Because  MITRE provides the database download unsigned, there's no point in signing email messages to the mailing list;  nevertheless the web site above may allow the verification of part of the chain if there is ever a doubt.

While I have your attention, I also provide a download of the integrated CVE and CAN databases as a daily MySQL dump at:


Pascal Meunier, Ph.D., M.Sc.
Assistant Research Scientist,
Purdue University

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