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[BOARD] Private and CIEL mailing lists created

Two mailing lists have been created:

1) One mailing list is for private conversations between Board members
   on sensitive topics, such as the evaluation of prospective Board
   members.  I will be proposing some prospects in the next few days,
   and posting an unrelated message tonight.

   Unlike the public Editorial Board list, this private list only
   includes Board members and MITRE task leaders, not observers,
   managers, or "archive" addresses.

   You should receive a subscription notice by 7 PM Eastern time today

2) Another list has been created for the CIEL working group.  I will
   automatically add those members who have expressed an interest in
   CIEL.  If you are interested in CIEL but have not received a
   subscription notice by Monday evening, then email me and I will add

   We'll probably start with some CIEL activities next week.

- Steve

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