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[CVEPRI] Teleconference on September 27, 2-4 PM Eastern

The next CVE Editorial Board teleconference will be held on Thursday,
September 27, from 2 to 4 PM Eastern Standard Time (6 to 8 GMT).

Below are the details for dialing into the teleconference, followed by
an agenda.  Note that there will be a brief discussion of MITRE's
technology transfer activities, some of which involve information
security.  We believe that some Board members might want to be aware
of these activities, which is why I'm making a special note of it


Date: September 27, 2001

Time: 2 to 4 PM Eastern Daylight Time (6 to 8 PM GMT)

Phone Number: 877-918-3010  (toll free in USA, and possibly Canada)

Passcode: 16509

Leader: Steve Christey

If you have problems dialing into the teleconference, contact Margaret
Dawson (dawson@mitre.org, 781-271-3611).

Scheduled Topics

Progress of CVE content
  - 1604 entries, 1796 candidates
  - voting on legacy/new candidates
    - needing more votes: 418 from 1999, 92 from 2000, 178 from 2001
    - backmaps to focus voting on legacy issues
    - 94 CANs held back by REVIEWING votes
    - some CANs have enough votes but not enough confidence
  - new issues
    - plan to "catch up" by middle of October
    - better followup/coordination on candidate reservation
  - legacy issues
    - issues needing consultation with source
    - other issues
      - configuration problems in Unix and NT
      - presence of services
  - publication of content decisions
    - CD descriptions
    - annotations of CANs/CVEs affected by CDs
  - emerging editor role
  - high-level CANs for viruses/worms

MITRE technology transfer activities

Editorial Board
  - Creation of private mailing list
  - Changes to Emeritus/Liaison roles to be announced to Board
  - Publicizing roles on web site
  - Listing former "contributing members"
  - Some members to leave and/or be removed
  - New member evaluation begins October 1

CVE compatibility progress
  - requirements updated, almost complete
    - draft available upon request?
    - questionnaire
    - rationale
  - evaluation process overview
  - test cases

  - Working group
    - Board membership required?
    - 3 member limit (one for CIEL)?
  - CIEL progress
    - mapping challenges
    - CIEL restructuring

Other issues (time allowing)
  - CNAs
    - minimum disclosure policy/process for requesters
  - New numbering scheme
    - unpredictable number, e.g.: CVE47591
    - new field: candidate/entry
  - Voting guidelines
    - address confidence levels with public acknowledgement field?

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