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[CVEPRI] Teleconference Thursday, June 21, 3-5 PM Eastern

The Editorial Board teleconference will take place on Thursday, June
21, from 3 to 5 PM, Eastern standard time.  This maximizes the number
of participants from Europe and all time zones in the continental US,
though I apologize to our West Coast participants who'll lose their
lunch hour.

A more detailed agenda will be posted later, though the teleconference
will include:

- Board roles and tasks

- Update on my discussions with individual Board members

- Candidate Numbering Authorities (initial write-up to be posted today
  or tomorrow) and the candidate reservation process in general

For those who haven't participated in these teleconferences before: a
day before the teleconference, I will post a telephone number and
access code to this list.

- Steve

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