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[BOARD] Dana Foat has joined the Editorial Board

Dana Foat of the National Security Agency (NSA) has joined the
Editorial Board.  Dana is the fourth representative from a US
government organization.  In his work at NSA in the Network Security
Evaluations and Tools group, Dana has been heavily involved in
building vulnerability databases and tools that integrate
vulnerability information from multiple sources, such as vulnerability
assessment tools and security advisories.  He is, in this capacity, a
true user of CVE and CVE-compatible products - one of a very small
number on the Board at this time.  Dana has 6 years experience in
network security, conducting security assessments for Department of
Defense (DOD) customers in addition to the activities described above.
NSA, a member of the CVE Advisory Council, has been a strong supporter
of CVE since its early days.

Following is a short bio:

  BS, Mathematics, Valparaiso University
  MBA, University of Pittsburgh
  MS, Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University
Work History
  Network Security Evaluations and Tools - 6 years
   UNIX Security Evaluations for DOD customers
   designed UNIVERSE - database reporting tool using network scanning
        tools to assist evaluators in organizing results of tools
   designed NEVADA - network vulnerability database combining
        multiple data sources (Advisories and Mailing Lists)

Dana's tasks on the CVE Editorial Board include:
- voting on candidates (especially for UNIX)
- participating in meetings
- consulting on CVE compatibility requirements and evaluation process

Welcome aboard, Dana!

- Steve

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