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[ENTRYFIN] Deprecate 1 duplicate entry

I have made a Final Decision to deprecate the following duplicate
entry in the next version of CVE.

Name: CVE-2000-0744
Reference: BUGTRAQ:20000810 Remote vulnerability in Gopherd 2.x
Reference: BID:1569

Buffer overflow in University of Minnesota (UMN) gopherd 2.x allows
remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via a DES key
generation request (GDESkey) that contains a long ticket value.

Reason for Deprecation
This is an exact duplicate of CVE-2000-0743.  See

One of these entries was intended to describe an overflow in the
"halidate" function, which was described in a separate post to Bugtraq
later in August.  However, the description and references were not
modified appropriately.  A legacy candidate will be created for that

New Description
DEPRECATED.  This entry has been deprecated.  It is a duplicate of

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