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[ENTRYDEP] Deprecate 1 duplicate entry (Final April 20)

The following CVE entry has been identified as a duplicate of another
entry.  It will be deprecated, pending Editorial Board review.

Please review the reasons for deprecation.  If you do NOT agree with
the reasons, then please post your comments to the list.

If no concerns are raised before April 20, I will make a Final
Decision to deprecate it at that time.

- Steve

Name: CVE-2000-0744
Reference: BUGTRAQ:20000810 Remote vulnerability in Gopherd 2.x
Reference: BID:1569

Buffer overflow in University of Minnesota (UMN) gopherd 2.x allows
remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via a DES key
generation request (GDESkey) that contains a long ticket value.

Reason for Deprecation
This is an exact duplicate of CVE-2000-0743.  See

One of these entries was intended to describe an overflow in the
"halidate" function, which was described in a separate post to Bugtraq
later in August.  However, the description and references were not
modified appropriately.  A legacy candidate will be created for that

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