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Re: [TECH] Duplicate candidates - which one should be preferred?

2001-0145 does contain additional info as well as a link to a patch on MS
site.  Should probably give credit to the original poster but that isn't
CVE's job!


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Since 2001-0145 is already cross-referenced in other advisories, and
there is just a little more detail in that entry, it would make
correlation efforts easier all the way around.  I there should be some
reference that it absorbed/replaced 2000-0756, and 2000-0746 should
reflect it was absorbed by 2001-0145.

Pascal Meunier wrote:
> Yes, I think we should keep CAN-2001-0145 to become the CVE number, and
have CAN-2000-0756 and CAN(CVE)-2001-0145 doubly linked with an explicit
notice "These are the same vulnerabilities."
> I think that this is an acceptable price to pay for a reduced lag time,
if it happens only a few times per year.
> Cheers,
> Pascal
> At 11:36 PM -0500 2/27/01, Steven M. Christey wrote:
> ...
> >The guidelines suggest that CAN-2001-0145 would be promoted instead of
> >CAN-2000-0756.  So, is that reasonable?
> >
> >- Steve

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