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[BOARD] John Rhodes has joined the Editorial Board

John Rhodes of DOE-CIAC (Computer Incident Advisory Center) has joined
the Editorial Board.  He brings an additional voice to the "incident
response team" category, and is the third member from US government.
One of his primary tasks will be voting on candidates.  I also believe
that he may be an active voice in CVE content decisions and the CIEL

A short bio follows:

>John Rhodes is the Deputy Director of the DOE's Computer Incident
>Advisory Center (CIAC), located at the Lawrence Livermore National
>Laboratory in California. CIAC was established in 1989 and is one of
>the two original cyber-incident response teams. Mr. Rhodes received
>his undergraduate degree from UC Davis and his graduate degree from
>Santa Clara University.  He has been involved with software
>development for almost 30 years, with the last 10 years focussed on
>various cyber-security issues such as intrusion detection and security

Welcome aboard, John!

- Steve

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