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Upcoming conference in Austin

Well, I've started looking into the upcoming face to face CVE meeting in
Austin in March.
South by Southwest (the music portion, anyway) is March 14-18th, Wed - Sun.
I was thinking of making the CVE meeting March 15-16, Thurs and Fri. Hotel
bookings would have to be done soon. I'd like to get a quick headcount of
how many people are interested in coming, so I can set aside a block
of hotel rooms nearby Cisco. Just a yes, no, or maybe will be fine. If
you'll be on the telecon tomorrow, you can let me know then.

It's hard for me to set aside rooms near downtown, where most of the music
venues are, so I've set aside a block until Feb 21st near Cisco at the
Embassy Suites (512-372-8771, 9505 Stonelake Blvd, Austin, TX), who have
given us a corporate rate of $139. Mention that you're with the "CVE
Conference" to get one of these rooms. If you prefer to stay downtown (to
avoid DWI's which might fail to hinder a future presidential bid), I'd
recommend going to the sxsw.com website within a week or so. Hotels will
begin to fill up, too as the date gets closer, as will flights. The SXSW web
site has a list of hotels with prices if you want something closer to
downtown or cheaper. Embassy Suites has a full cooked breakfast included, as
well as a shuttle service which will go to Cisco, if you want to save some
money by not renting a car. Folks could probably carpool downtown for music
events, as parking may be hard to come by downtown.

South by Southwest is also a film conference (March 9-17), by the way, if
there are any movie buffs out there, as well as an interactive multimedia
conference (March 9-13).

Relevant sites are
Andrew Balinsky
Network Security Engineer, Security Technologies Assessment Team
Cisco Systems                   v: 512-378-1122
12515 Research Blvd        f: 512-378-1250
Austin, TX 78759-2220
balinsky@cisco.com   http://www.cisco.com

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