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[BOARD] Peter Mell has joined the Editorial Board

Peter Mell of NIST has joined the CVE Editorial Board.  He is the
project leader for the ICAT vulnerability metabase, which is
effectively a vulnerability database extension of CVE.  Peter has been
an advocate of CVE since David Mann and I first proposed the idea at
the CERIAS vulnerability database workshop in January 1999.  As a
representative of a governmental organization, he helps to fill a gap
on the Editorial Board.  Finally, his affiliation with NIST may help
as we explore the role of CVE in standardization, as well as its
potential applications to the Common Criteria.

A short bio follows:

>Peter Mell is a computer scientist in the computer security division
>at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). His
>research interests include the areas of vulnerability databases,
>intrusion detection, computer penetration, and mobile
>agents. Recently, he has been developing a publicly available
>vulnerability index and has been working to transition intrusion
>detection testing technology from DARPA supported labs to
>industry. Peter received an MS in computer science from the University
>of California at Davis in 1998.

Welcome aboard, Peter!

- Steve

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