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[CVEPRI] Your votes needed to reach the CVE 1000 by October 9


The deadline for reaching 1000 CVE entries is drawing near.  As
mentioned previously, we will be marking this milestone at the SANS
and NISSC conferences in mid-October.

To have a 1000+ entry CVE available by October 16, a number of
candidates need to be approved by October 9th, when they would need to
move to the Interim Decision phase.  We are presently at 815 entries,
with 100+ candidates needing only one more vote.

More votes are needed by October 9 in order to achieve this milestone.
During this week, please vote on what you can.

The next few posts to this mailing list will identify five ad hoc
clusters of active candidates that need just one more vote.  For those
members who vote regularly, you will receive separate emails that only
identify the candidates that you haven't voted on yet.  Your custom
voting pages on the web site will also reflect this.

Some members have received customized voting ballots for candidates
that are known to be in their databases, using backmaps from their
vulnerability databases.  If you did not receive an email, but you
provided us with a database, then you've probably voted on every
candidate that's in the backmap for your database; or, your backmap
doesn't include any of the candidates that are being emphasized in
this latest voting round.

Software vendor representatives will receive custom ballots for
vulnerabilities in their own products.  Where possible, custom ballots
will be generated for other Board members, if I can compose an
appropriate query for them.

Candidates that are affected by content decisions are being reviewed
to determine if they can be accepted without further review of the
associated content decisions.  It is uncertain how many of them could
be accepted.

I apologize for the short notice, but this deadline sort of crept up
on me.  Also, I had expected that there would have been more votes due
to the voting web site and the latest round of 100+ candidates.
Hopefully this latest push for votes, with customized ballots, is more

- Steve

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