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[BOARD] Troy Bollinger has joined the Editorial Board

Troy Bollinger of IBM has joined the CVE Editorial Board.  His former
involvement in handling security for AIX will allow Troy to serve as a
liaison to the current AIX security response teams.  His current
involvement in vulnerability database development and maintenance will
help him to vote on new candidates.

A short bio is below:

> Troy currently maintains the content of IBM's internal vulnerability
> database and is responsible for collecting and verifying information
> from external sources as well as creating original exploits.  He also
> spent four years as the team lead for AIX security response where his
> duties included writing advisories, monitoring the
> <security-alert@austin.ibm.com> email alias, and interfacing with
> various CERT organizations world-wide.  Troy is proficient in a number
> of programming languages although he prefers C and ksh development using
> vi.  Troy holds a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Electrical
> Engineering from Texas A&M University.

Welcome aboard, Troy!

- Steve

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