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Re: Defending letter at RAID

Stuart Staniford asked:

>The RAID 2000 (Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection) workshop is
>having a panel about the Cybercrime treaty.  He wanted somebody who
>had been involved in drafting the letter that we all wrote to present
>that position to the workshop.  He's also planning to have one of the
>treaty drafters there, and a legal expert.
>Since I was already registered at RAID (I'm presenting there about IDWG),
>Mark asked me if I would be willing to present our position.  I said that I
>would enjoy doing that very much, and thought I could do it well.

I agree that Stuart would do a great job of presenting the letter for
all the reasons he described.  Unless there are any objections (and if
so, send to me and Stuart), I suggest that he go along with it.

You can review all the discussions - including Marcus' dissenting
opinion - in the Editorial Board archives at:


(yes, the archives are finally broken down by month!)

- Steve

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